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Diet Cocktails Could Increase Risks of DUI Charges


A recent study found that mixing alcohol with diet drinks resulted in higher concentrations of alcohol on the breath (link to full story).

The Risks of Higher Breath-Alcohol Concentrations

According to reports, people who mixed alcohol with diet soda had more alcohol on their breath than those who drank the same amount with regular soda.  In fact, the alcohol concentrations were as much as 25% higher for people who mixed diet soda with alcohol.

Most counties throughout Central Pennsylvania use blood tests to secure a person's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) following a drunk driving arrest, as opposed to Evidentiary Breath Tests.  However, many police use a Preliminary or Portable Breath Test (PBT) to confirm the presence of alcohol during the investigative stage following a traffic stop and prior to an arrest.  Thus, a higher concentration of alcohol on your breath as a result of mixing alcohol with diet soda could increase your risk of being arrested for DUI.

Higher Alcohol Concentrations in Blood

The report also noted a study by Dr. Chris Rayner, a gastroenterologist, who found that alcohol entered the bloodstream faster when people mixed alcohol with diet drinks, as opposed to regular soda.  It was reported that when alcohol is consumed with nutrients, such as, sugar, alcohol absorption into the body is slowed.  As a result, not only will diet soda increase the breath alcohol concentrations, but it could also increase blood alcohol concentrations at a faster rate than regular soda, per reports.

The DUI Defense

The moral of the story is there is no magic formula to controlling the effects of alcohol.  While you may be looking to shave a few pounds while having a good time, it could increase the risks of being arrested or charged with drunk driving. On the other hand, mixing alcohol with regular soda is not the "silver bullet" to avoiding a DUI.  If you drink and drive, you could face charges for Driving Under the Influence and severe DUI Penalties.

However, despite the best of intentions, mistakes happen, including DUI charges.  If you have been accused of drunk driving, contact Shawn Curry Law today.

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