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Shawn Curry Law Celebrates a Year of Helping People


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One year ago this week Shawn Curry Law officially opened its doors.

On June 24, 2013, after nearly 7 years practicing Criminal & DUI Defense for two private law firms in Central Pennsylvania, Attorney Shawn Curry's decision to hang his own shingle in Harrisburg, PA, became a reality.

A Personal Commitment to Helping People

Shawn Curry Law's vision, mission, and core values are most clearly described in a single phrase: Helping People accused of crimes restore & improve their life.

By opening his own practice, Attorney Curry seized the opportunity to strengthen his commitment to and focus on the individual and criminal defense.

Shawn Curry Law cuts out the middle man. Rather than spreading a firm's resources among multiple attorneys and practice areas, Attorney Curry's practice structure places him in a better position to control the costs of representation while offering his personal commitment and proven results.

Additionally, Shawn Curry Law is exclusively limited to Criminal & DUI Defense to ensure that people get the highest quality of legal representation specific to their needs.

By way of example:  If a person has a health problem, they are going to a doctor focused on helping people fix that problem. If you wouldn't go to your family doctor for heart surgery, you probably shouldn't go to a general practitioner to fix your criminal problem with the expectation that you will get the best possible result.

Shawn Curry Law is committed to providing personal and strategic solutions to your criminal problems.

An Experienced Professional Helping People

Attorney Shawn Curry brings nearly 8 years of professional Criminal & DUI Defense experience to the table.

During that time, he has obtained extensive skills, knowledge, training, and experience helping people protect their rights, defend their freedoms, and restore their life throughout Central Pennsylvania. He has represented people in preliminary hearings, plea negotiations, suppression hearings, trials, and appeals in more than 20 counties throughout the Commonwealth and in federal court.

Helping People

When a person has been accused of crime, they are named a "Defendant," identified by a case-tracking number, and prejudged by the name and nature of the criminal accusations against them. The presumption of innocence is seemingly replaced by an assumption of guilt. It can be a de-humanizing and stigmatizing experience.  The individual, the person can be lost in the process.

Shawn Curry recognizes this harsh reality. His passionate, unyielding commitment to the people he helps is focused on reversing this stigma and re-introducing the human component back into the equation. He understands that being accused of a crime is about more than just dealing with the criminal charge(s), it's about your life moving forward.

For Attorney Curry, his core focus is on the people he helps:

"Shawn Curry Law is about Helping People accused of crimes restore and improve their life. Because when your criminal case ends, the rest of your life is just beginning.

I want the people I help to look back and see their experience with the criminal justice process as a speed bump, not a permanent road block, in the rest of their life."

Contact Shawn Curry Law today.

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