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Police LIKE Facebook (for Criminal Investigations)


It's not just your friends that "LIKE" your Facebook page.  With increased frequency, police are using Facebook and other social media platforms to further their criminal investigations.

While many people may not realize it, public posts on Facebook or any other form of social media (for example:  YouTube, Twitter) are PUBLIC.  A person has no reasonable expectation of privacy to on-line posts that are publicly disseminated.

If you post an admission or incriminating statement on-line, it could be used against you in a criminal prosecution.  Ulimately, by way of analogy, it is the same as telling a person or group of people that you committed or were involved in a crime during a conversation.

By way of further example, here are some media reports of how on-line posts and incriminating statements made on social media have been used against people in a criminal prosecution:


Man Arrested After Posting His Own Mugshot on Facebook

A Pennsylvania man was arrested in a police sting after posting a mugshot of himself on Facebook and bragging that police couldn't find him.

After discovering the post, a police officer contacted the man on Facebook posing as an attractive woman and set up a date.  When the man arrived for the date, he was arrested on a warrant for an alleged assault.

'Pothead Princess' Tweets '2 Drunk 2 Care' Before Fatal DUI Accident

In 2013, a young woman became the subject of a police investigation for suspicion of DUI following a car accident that killed 2 people. 

During the criminal investigation, police reportedly uncovered information from the woman's Twitter page where she  idenified herself as the 'Pothead Princess' and tweeted '2 drunk 2 care' just prior to the crash.

Man Arrested on Drug Charges After Posting YouTube Video of Marijuana Garden

A Connecticut man reportedly posted a Youtube video of his marijuana "Hope Garden" attempting to solicit funds for his efforts to help people suffering from terminal cancer.

After law enforcement became aware of the video, a police investigation allegedly resulted in more than two (2) pounds of marijuana, as well as hashish, cocaine, and oxycodone, being recovered from the man's home.  He was charged with Manufacturing Marijuana and Possession With Intent to Deliver Drugs.

Are You the Subject of a Criminal Investigation?

If you are under investigation by police, exercise your right to remain silent by remaining silent.

Don't talk to anyone other than a lawyer about the case. 

Don't talk to police.  Don't talk to friends.  Don't talk to family.

Not face-to-face.  Not over the phone.  Not by text or email.  Not by posting on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Instead, you need to contact an experienced and professional PA Criminal Defense Attorney.  Shawn Curry Law can help.

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