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Adams County DA Announces Drug Distribution Arrests


The Adams County District Attorney has announced almost 40 arrests incident to a year-long drug distribution investigation conducted by state and local law enforcement.  The investigation had targeted suspected drug dealers alleged to be distributing cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs throughout Adams County, Pennsylvania.


Under Pennsylvania law, a person accused of dealing drugs will be charged with a felony drug offense.  Typically, a person facing allegations of drug distribution will be charged with Drug Delivery or Possession With Intent to Deliver Drugs (PWID).


Drug Delivery charges are often the result of a police investigation involving a confidential informant (CI) and/or an undercover cop.  During the course of a drug investigation, the police will directly or indirectly communicate with the target suspect by phone to set up a drug transaction.  Once the drug buy is complete, the police may make an immediate arrest but, will more frequently, let the suspect walk to protect the identification of the CI and continue the drug investigation.


Possession With Intent to Deliver (PWID) charges typically result from a drug investigation or an unrelated police encounter.

Where a person is charged with PWID incident to a police drug investigation, the offense is often the result of the execution of a search warrant or arrest.  For example, law enforcement may use drug sales made during the course of their investigation as the basis for a search warrant for a home.

Alternatively, a person may be charged with PWID incident to a routine traffic stop.  During the stop, the police may uncover evidence of drugs and a seizure of drugs may occur.

Regardless of the underlying basis leading to an arrest for PWID, a person will be charged with this offense based upon a seizure of drugs and other contraband that may be consistent with "intent to deliver" including, but not limited to, the weight or amount of the drug, drug packaging, packaging materials, scales, or lack of use paraphernalia (bowls, syringes, bongs).


The penalties for a felony drug conviction (by guilty verdict or plea) will vary depending upon the specific circumstances in any case. 

A person convicted of a felony drug crime could face mandatory prison time.  Mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses are determined by factors, such as, the type of the drug, the weight of the drug, past felony drug convictions, whether the offense occurred in a school zone, and whether a gun was possessed at the time of the offense.  Mandatory prison sentences can range from a minimum of 1 to 5 years.


If you have been accused of a felony drug crime, the potential consequences you face are real.  You should immediately align yourself with an experienced and professional Harrisburg Drug Defense Lawyer.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney helping people accused of drug crimes in throughout Central and South Central PA for a free phone consultation today.

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