The People Speak

Shawn Curry Law is committed to Helping People accused of crimes and DUI restore their life.

Experienced Criminal & DUI Defense Attorney Shawn Curry approaches each case with an individualized focus on each person he helps while holding himself and his practice to the highest standards of compassion and professionalism.

Ultimately, the best evidence of Shawn Curry's unyielding commitment to the people he helps are the words of gratitude offered by them.

"What is most impressive about Mr. Curry goes far beyond his exceptional legal skills. Beyond being a good lawyer, he is an even better human being. Legal matters are at the very least stressful and can be life changing. In times like these, you need someone to help you navigate these trying times. Working not only toward the best outcome but maintaining some sense of calmness and order in the process. I couldn't recommend Shawn more highly. He's a life saver in the truest sense of the word." - R.M.

"Attorney Curry -- Always Professional -- Fantastic -- and has a Wonderful Relationship with the Courts." -B.P.

"My experience with Attorney Curry was excellent - Wish I would have hired him from the beginning.  Shawn had a great memory of previous conversations.  He was obviously very experienced and knowledgeable.  Very driven to get a favorable result (This was probably the biggest thing - felt like he was in my corner and 100% loyal the entire time).  I wouldn't consider going against the criminal justice system without representation from Shawn Curry."  -D.C.

"Shawn is a wonderful lawyer!  Attorney Curry was very informative and always willing to explain things!  He was there to answer any and all questions!  Thank you!" - B.H.

"I have been in trouble ALOT of times - Used plenty of lawyers - So I know when someone is trying and looking out for what is best for me.  Shawn is hands down the best lawyer around.  Very friendly - Easy going - Great guy.  Could not ask for anything better.  Would recommend to everyone!"  -J.M.

"Attorney Curry went above and beyond what was required.  Shawn did an excellent job of defending my son." -P.S.

"Great job, wouldn't want anyone else representing me!  Very kind and compassionate.  Thanks." -M.H.

"Attorney Curry handled everything very well and professionally, and was able to get my case withdrawn with no court costs.  Thank you again I really appreciate it!" -A.L.

"Attorney Curry was by far the best representation that I have had in Pennsylvania.  He met all expectations I have in attorneys.  He led me to the best outcome possible, helped me through the necessary decision-making, and  for the quality of representation was affordable.  Thanks for everything." - R.M.

Attorney Curry "was very helpful and went above and beyond my expectations." -M.M.

"Shawn was more than helpful on explaining what was going to happen along the way with what all the process entailed - being as I've never been in a courtroom before.  He went out of his way to lighten my suspension - even though it wasn't guaranteed.  A professional and a gentleman through & through.  Thanks for everything." -D.L.

"Shawn is very professional, kind, and informative.  He explains everything and checks in frequently." -A.T.

Attorney Shawn Curry "would be number one on my list to tell people to call if they're in any legal trouble. He was very professional, knowledgeable, confident, and he fights hard for what you want your outcome to be. Thank you so much, Shawn for everything you did for me and my family! You're the best!!" -E. B.

"Thank you for all that you have done for my son to give him a new start on life." -J.E.

"Attorney Curry handles situations with professionalism.  He is personable and very approachable.  He has excellent rapport with judges and the DA.  I highly recommend him to be your lawyer should the need arise." -B.B.

"Eventhough I was incarcerated during the whole duration of Mr. Curry's representation, I believe that his service was superb compared to other attorneys that I had in the past.  Timely, honest, and knowledgeable are the words that I would use to describe him." - M.M.

"Shawn was very good at explaining things.  Always kept things to where we understood.  He always knew how to calm me down when I would get a little excited.  For this particular and unusual case, Shawn did great and although we wanted it to 'go away', he did a great job.  I would recommend him highly!  Thank you Shawn!!"  -D.R.

"Attorney Curry is reliable and dedicated.  He will do what ever it takes to help your case."  -J.N.

"Mr. Curry was very personable, professional, and thorough.  He explained everything in great detail and made us feel comfortable."

"Shawn Curry is for the people -- not against you.  If I get into any other problems (which I hope not), he will be the person I would be calling to be in my corner." -D.G.

"Excellent.  The result surpassed what I expected.  As the judge told me, 'you've hired a good lawyer...listen to him.' I did and very happy with the results." -G.F.

"Shawn was professional and prompt in response.  I pray I will not need his services in the future but will highly recommend him.  Very pleased."  -L.C.

"Attorney Curry did more for me than was expected.  Very professional and still was able to explain things to me on a level I could understand.  Thank you so very much." -K.R.

"Shawn was always very understanding and informative.  He is a very kind person that put me at ease during a stressful/difficult time.  I will highly recommend his services to anyone in need.  He is a great guy and he is an attorney that you can trust and depend on." -M.B.

"Shawn was very professional and handled himself like a pro. I will recommend him in a heartbeat." -S.E.

"Attorney Curry was very professional and polite.  He is responsive and communicates very well.  He is very upfront and truthful." - A.O.

"Shawn is very professional and prompt.  His rates were reasonable.  He is amicable and reassuring.  I would recommend Mr. Curry to anyone!" -J.R.

"I was treated very professionally, and all of my questions/concerns were answered A.S.A.P. directly by Attorney Curry."  -R.K.

"Excellent.  Attorney Curry is very professional, courteous, and sincere, takes his cases to heart, and gets back in a very timely manner."  -B.R.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your knowledge and experience, as well as your professionalism!" -J.S.

"I found Mr. Curry to be a compassionate man and one who handles his profession with the utmost of integrity and care." -G.C.

"Excellent.  Attorney Curry has been extremely helpful in all the years I have known him.  Very satisfied with his services."  -B.B.

The result of my case "exceeded expectations. He cared and that was appreciated. Thank you." -A.R.

"Professional...With a caring heart...so grateful for you Shawn."  -JNS

"Amazing Professionalism. Shawn Curry did an excellent job representing me on charges of possession of controlled substances. He was always available to assist me in every way possible. I would definitely recommend him." -M.W.

"Mr. Curry is personable, helpful, factual, common sense, follows up and has watched our process through the legal system and represented us well. We have also referred others and will." -E.B.

"Thorough, efficient, and prompt explanation of current status." -R.R.

"Excellent.  Shawn was extremely professional and he made me feel at ease after speaking to him.  He always returned calls quickly and achieved our goals." -M.C.

"Very professional, on time, and very polite.  Treated me with respect and non-judgemental."  -I.A.

"Excellent.  Very personable and friendly.  Helpful and explained everything." -L.H.

"I couldn't have had better counsel in my opinion. Down to earth and very knowledgeable. Your assistance in everything is and always will be greatly appreciated! !" -J.S.

"Excellent.  This was my first time going through this and Attorney Curry did an excellent job of helping me understand the steps that I needed to take in order to reach the best attainable outcome.  Thanks for all of your help." -Z.G.

Attorney Curry "helped me so much not only from legal issues but also to become a better person. I couldn't ask for a better attorney. I would recommend any and everyone to you. Thanks for all you have done for me to help me change my life around." -D.E.