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Protect Your Rights. Defend Your Freedom.  Restore Your Life.

Have you been arrested for a drug charge? Are the police holding drug charges over your head waiting for your next move? Do you believe you are under investigation by law enforcement for a drug offense?

If you have been accused of drug possession or delivery, you need the help of experienced PA Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Shawn Curry .

HELPING PEOPLE Accused of Misdemeanor & Felony Drug Crimes

When faced with drug charges, you have a lot on the line: YOUR rights, YOUR freedom, YOUR life.

You need a Drug Defense Attorney with the ability to attack the prosecution's case against you where the opportunity exist and protect you from the harsh penalties for drug crimes when the facts and the law appear to be against you.

Regardless of the name, nature, or circumstances surrounding your drug charges, Harrisburg Drug Possession Defense Lawyer Shawn Curry will implement his professionally aggressive approach to protect you. Shawn has fine-tuned his knowledge and skills in drug defense by helping people throughout Central and South Central Pennsylvania accused of drug crimes, such as:

  • Felony Drug Delivery & Possession with Intent to Deliver Drugs
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Drug Possession (Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstacy, etc.)
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Prescription Drug Possession & Pharmacy Act Crimes

If there was an illegal search and seizure of you, your car, or your home, Criminal Defense Attorney Shawn Curry will spot it and exploit it. If there is a weakness in the prosecution's case, their investigation, or the credibility of one of their witnesses, Shawn will shine a bright light on it making it clear for everyone to see.

Dauphin County Marijuana Defense Attorney Shawn Curry makes a commitment to you - not just your case but, you, as a person. From the first time you speak, Shawn will develop an understanding for the facts of your case, as well as you as a person - your life. This dual approach is the key to working with you to define reasonable goals concerning the outcome of your case and developing a strategy to achieve those objectives.

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When you have been accused of a drug offense, the situation may seem hopeless and you may feel helpless. There is hope and we can help.

Contact an experienced PA Criminal Defense Lawyer at  Shawn Curry Law for your free phone consultation now.

Shawn Curry Law is a criminal defense firm providing help to people accused of drug crimes throughout Central and South Central Pennsylvania including, but not limited to, Harrisburg, Hershey, Middletown, York, Red Lion, Manchester, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Shippensburg, Lebanon, Palmyra, Anville-Cleona, Gettysburg, Dauphin County, Cumberland County, York County, Lebanon County, Adams County, Perry County, Mifflin County, & Juniata County.