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Life happens. There are days when things may go a little sideways. Emotions may get the best of us or others. Disagreements may lead to verbal arguments or shouting matches. This war of words may escalate into a physical altercation where threats are made and sometimes realized with physical contact between two people or more people - punches thrown, feet fly.

If you have been accused of an assault or violent crime, you need the help of experienced PA Assault Crimes Defense Attorney Shawn Curry .

HELPING PEOPLE Accused of Assault and Violent Crimes

When you have been charged with an assault or violent crime, you have a lot on the line: Your rights, Your freedom, Your life.

There is no doubt that your life has been turned upside down from the incident itself. If that were not enough, you now face criminal charges that could substantially change your life and impact your freedoms for the long-term. Depending on the nature and severity of the accusations, you could face prison, separation from the people you care about, and loss of employment (among other things).

When your future is at stake, you need help. You need an experienced Harrisburg Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer to protect your rights and interests. You need a criminal attorney who is going to make a commitment to you - not just your case - but you as a person.

Regardless of the name, nature, or circumstances surrounding your criminal charges, Assault & Violent Crimes Defense Attorney Shawn Curry will implement his compassionately aggressive approach to protect you. Shawn has fine-tuned his knowledge and skills in criminal defense by helping people throughout Central Pennsylvania facing criminal charges, such as:

• Aggravated & Simple Assault

•  Robbery

•  Recklessly Endangering Another Person

• Terroristic Threats

• Stalking

• Kidnapping, Unlawful Restraint, False Imprisonment

• Harassment

• Gun Crimes - Persons Not to Possess Firearms/Possession Of Firearms Without a License

•  Domestic Violence Crimes - Protection From Abuse

When you have been accused of any of these crimes, the credibility and veracity of the prosecution's witnesses and evidence must be questioned beginning at the earliest possible stage in your case. Attorney Curry possesses the knowledge, skill, and experience to put the prosecution's case under a microscope and pick it apart as necessary.

Experience Matters

Criminal Defense Lawyer Shawn Curry has substantial experience helping people accused of violent crimes throughout Central Pennsylvania.  Attorney Curry has helped people charged with many serious accusations, for example:

  • the alleged ringleader in a brazen retribution kidnapping;
  • the alleged wheelman in an armed bank robbery;
  • the alleged torch in a vehicle arson while parked in a home driveway;
  • the operator of a home daycare incident to an alleged negligent death of an infant;
  • a man charged in an alleged gang-related beating that resulted in a bystander shooting; and,
  • allegations of Aggravated Assault by vehicle and tire iron, as well as those resulting in broken orbital sockets.

It is important to have an attorney in your corner with extensive experience handling a broad range of assault and violent crimes.  While no two cases are identical, the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with the variables in these volatile circumstances are acquired through experience and measured by proven results.

Experienced.  Professional.  Proven Results. Shawn Curry Law can help.

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When you have been accused of an assault or violent crimes offense, the situation may seem hopeless and you may feel helpless. There is hope and we can help.

The next step you take is the most important one.

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